Wren’s all-original, alternative folk music is sweet and whimsical, grounded in classical guitar finger-picking, gentle vocal harmonies, and sweeping fiddle lines. Described as possessing a “naturalness and a philosophical bent at the same time,” Wren’s haunting melodies evoke the lands and waters of her native Pacific Northwest, as well as Galicia, Spain, where she has lived and practiced permaculture while learning the traditional Celtic-influenced coastal music.

A published poet and writer before she turned to songwriting, Wren’s lyrics are lively and unexpected, grounded in a rich connection with the natural world. They tantalize the senses, tug at a distant memory, a sensation of childhood in nature, but leave the listener to discover the meaning. In contrast to contemporary music’s tendency towards complexity and overproduction, Wren is a gentle reminder of the simplicity and depth that can be found with a few voices, singing an honest truth.

Wren’s first album, Bone Nest, was released in late June, 2012, and featured fiddle player Brittany Newell, of the now-defunct Nettle Honey, on four tracks. Deemed a “refreshing change from the commercial material we hear on the radio” by the Victory Review, in Bone Nest Wren does not shy away from pain, jealousy, or despair. In fact, that is what Bone Nest is all about: going back to the rocks and the earth, picking up the pecked-over bones of a prior self and weaving them back to together, bit by bit, into a nest, where life can begin again.

Her second album, Stitch an Ocean, was released February 2016 on her newly-formed label, Swimming Rabbit Arts. Recorded by Don Farwell at Earwig Studio in Seattle and produced by Devin Mooers, the album represents a new level of collaboration for Wren. The album features 12 musicians, including renowned native flutist Gary Stroutsos, and also includes Wren’s interpretation of two traditional Galician folk-songs. No Depression wrote that "Wren’s finger-picking / classical guitar...sews fine threads of lovely music, storytelling lyrics and distinctly original vocalizing." Stitch an Ocean ranked in the top #40 albums in the Folk DJ Charts and two songs ranked #33 for plays.