I specialize in building attractive, straight-forward websites that showcase your project or business and are tailored to your specific goals. I use simple designs and templates so that you can learn to operate and manage your own websites. I can help you with:

  • Content and site organization

  • Brand development through color, style, photography, and site language

  • Integration with social media and email marketing programs

  • Site management, if you have no interest in running and updating your own site, OR

  • Simple, template-based sites that you can manage yourself, even with minimal website experience

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Website Portfolio


This client wanted a simple, modern design that would evoke the spirit behind the cultural music project. The design features bold, beautiful photographs of Grand Canyon and Hopi artwork, with Hopi colors in fonts and backgrounds.

This site features a classy, modern design that gives viewers an immediate glimpse into the organization's past projects and overall activities, while a minimalistic side-bar highlights current projects (video, reports, and Twitter feed). 

The site is geared towards helping the organization build its membership (side-bar buttons prompt member sign-up), and providing reports/briefings to current members through an extensive archive of past meetings and papers.

Prominent visuals give visitors a feel for current members and emphasize the rich community background of the organization.

Unemployment Law Project

This client wanted to upgrade from a blog-based website to a format that would more clearly communicate services and steps to "get help." We created clear buttons to direct visitors, engaging pictures to make the site more user-friendly, and foreign-language options for many of the site's English-as-a-second-language visitors.

Professional Licensing Report

We helped this client transition from a primarily print-based newsletter to an online newsletter with both free and membership-only content. The front-page photo slider features two free articles from the most recent issue, so that new visitors can read a sampling of what the periodical has to offer, while the rest of the site features articles organized by category that only paying members can access. A small 'news stream' of weekly-updated free content provides another resource to show new visitors the benefits of subscription.

Given the specificity of the site-'s content, the articles are organized into about a dozen categories so that readers can quickly find the content that is applicable to them. They can also search by common tags.

Social Justice Film Festival

This website is the hub for a Seattle-based annual film festival. During the off-season, it primarily serves as an marketing tool for approaching potential donors and sponsors. During the festival-season, it is the central hub for sharing festival news, accepting film submissions, providing festival information to the public, and selling tickets.

The front-page blog and slider showcase current news, while the side-bar serves to connect with new visitors through the email sign-up form and to showcase the prior year's festival program and poster.

Gary Stroutsos

We helped Gary create a website to showcase the new focus of his career - on solo performance. While the site still highlights his 30-years of recording and touring, the main purpose is to convey to potential clients the vibe and experience of his solo shows and student programs.


Wren Music

This website for local singer-songwriter Wren serves as her principal outreach tool for connecting with show bookers and new potential fans. The simple home page showcases one or two action-items, an embedded music player, an email sign-up form, and upcoming shows.  The rest of the site provides quick and easy access to her press kit (bio, videos, photos, etc.) while showcasing large photos that build her brand. Simple and spacious, this site has room to breathe and the photos speak for themselves.

Swimming Rabbit Arts (this site)