Laura is awesome! Patient, positive, and energetic, she’s made learning Spanish a joy. She brings a deep knowledge of the language and culture, and a belief that her students can be successful. I’ve taken individual and small-group lessons from Laura the past several years, and have enjoyed both immensely. Laura is a master teacher who motivates me to do my best work. Take her class! You’ll be glad you did.
— Dave, 2012-2016
As a student of Maestra Laura,  I can say she is a very positive and engaging teacher. She is very good at assessing a student’s skills and adjusting her lesson plan to the specific student and group. A highlight of working with Laura is the free speaking time at the beginning of the lesson about different life events of the students and teacher, which adds to the ability to remember specific verbs, tenses and words as they apply to a personal event for each student. I believe that Maestra Laura could teach any student that has a love of Spanish - she is very patient and understanding. Maestra Laura also has a wonderful sense of humor which creates a fun and funny class at times (many times). I highly recommend Laura Brady as a Maestra!!!
— Carol, 2013-2017
I came to Laura looking for some supplemental instruction before a trip to Spain. She was very gentle and encouraging and gave me some valuable insights that complimented the work I had been doing with Rosetta Stone. She used just the right amount of academic info along with a conversational approach that opened up some doors for me. Bravo!
— Hans, 2012