Teaching Philosophy

From teacher Laura Brady:

My goal with students is to foster their love for the Spanish language and to develop their practical speaking skills. Though writing and structure are important for language acquisition, confidence and actual language use are often under-emphasized in traditional teaching methods. I want my students to be able to communicate comfortably in Spanish and begin assimilating the language into their daily lives.

Thus, my focus is on conversational fluency, not just grammar. I strive to get students speaking right away, without spending too much time on written work. That said, I am happy to provide homework help and grammar tutoring as needed, as these provide important foundations to all language learning.

When possible (given the weather), I like to give my lessons 'in the real world' by going on walks and talking in Spanish about the things we encounter. This gives students experience dealing with common situations in the language and provides a frame of reference that helps students remember the material.

I have experience working with all ages of students, from children to seniors, and I enjoy tailoring my lessons to each student's unique needs. Contact me so we can talk about your Spanish goals and the kind of teaching relationship you are seeking. I look forward to speaking with you!