Founder/Creative Director: Laura Brady

Laura Brady is a communications specialist with a background in academic and creative writing, foreign languages, music, and design. Her life and career objective is to contribute to the evolution a more sustainable human society. In all areas of her work, Laura strives to increase access to healthy and life-enhancing lifestyles through connection to the natural world, the creation of strong communities, access to creative development, and the promotion of beauty and wilderness. She is passionate about human relationships, teamwork and consensus-based leadership.

Laura graduated from the UW Jackson School of International Studies with "high honors" distinction for her ethnographic research-based thesis on Hugo Chavez's cooperative movement. She has lived, worked, and traveled in Spain, Venezuela, Quebec, and Guatemala and is fluent in Spanish and French. She has worked as a language teacher for seven years.

Laura's poems have appeared in the literary arts journals Scribendi, Bricolage, Poetry on Buses and Nudge, her prose has been published in the book Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice, and her articles on sustainability have appeared in the magazine PCC Sound Consumer. She has self-published two albums of original music under her stage name, Wren.

In 2013, Laura helped resurrect the Social Justice Film Festival and has since served as Assistant Director. When not working at the festival, she consults with a range of organizations on a variety of tasks from web and graphic design to grant-writing.

Nature connection is central to Laura's personal and professional life. She holds a Permaculture Design Certificate and has worked on several organic farms. She has also trained as a wilderness guide with Rite of Passage Journeys and is currently expanding her soul-work and relationship skills through studies with Darcy Ottey and Jayson Gaddis.

Laura's interest in sustainable living includes community organization and management. She has lived in intentional, consensus-based communities for seven years, one of which she co-founded after being inspired by her research into Venezuelan cooperatives. She has training in the way of Council, non-violent communication, and insight meditation.